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HI!  My name is “BUCKLES”!  I am a black Toy Poodle and just as cool, gentle, soft, smart and easy going as a Poodle should be!

But I have no idea when I was born.  I was young when someone found me as a stray.  I had no home but was adopted by a guy who was tragically killed in an accident.  So sad.  But then I went to live with his mom and dad.  For the last 9 years, they loved me so much and I loved them so much.  Then their health got bad, and they cried a lot as they couldn’t take care of me anymore.

So here I am an again with no home, but this time I am an older dog….

“BUCKLES” is close to 12 pounds, about 12” tall and over 10 years old, but under 12.  We do have all his Vet records which don’t help us determine his age and Buckles will not tell us.  But he is still a cute, very nice, sweet and a very loving neutered Toy Poodle.

We have found Buckles can hear just fine (call him and he will come), his sight is perfect, he can run up and down the steps, jump up onto our couch and into our bed.  He has been an only dog all his life, really enjoys being with people, will follow me around the house, loves to go for short walks and GREATLY enjoys going for a ride in the car.  Just grab his leash and he is ready to go!

Buckles is just fine with all of our other smaller Poodles, but does NOT like the large Standard Poodles and does NOT like to be in a kennel.
He does sleep with us at night, and we do let him have free run of the house as he is just a PERFECT boy (housetrained)!  He doesn’t play with toys or any of the other Poodles, but again he is just fine with them as they don’t want to play either.

We have found that Buckles moves so much better while being given Dasuquin MSN soft chews and some pain medication for his bad arthritis.   These are safe and reasonably priced meds that are wonderful products which have amazing results for senior dogs!  Buckles also has thinning hair, yet a Thyroid test showed that all is normal.

Again, Buckles is a very soft, easy going, gentle, quiet boy.  I’ve not found him to be a lap dog.  But rather, he really likes to be next to people, as he always has considered himself a family member.  He would like a quiet home with someone retired or working from home, no large dogs or children where he will be loved for the remaining years he has left.

This IS a special boy who has been Vet checked healthy, teeth cleaned and all of his rotting teeth have been removed.  His vaccinations and worming are up to date and is also Home Again microchipped, registered along with being heartworm / Lymes / Anaplasmosis / Ehrlich tested negative and placed on a preventative.

His adoption fee is $250.00 PLUS $18.00 for our 7.375% Minnesota state sales tax helps pay for only some of his Vet expenses.
This fee does include all of his vet work, his leash, collar, a bag of quality senior dog food, a bag of Dasuquin MSN, an elevated dog food/water dish, prescription arthritis pain medication (really cheep at the Walmart Pharmacy), treats, a cute toy box, his blankets along with his dog bed and lots of good information to help your Poodle adoption move forward on the right paw!





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