“RAMSEY” is a 1 year old, active, friendly and sociable Standard Poodle puppy boy.   He was born October 25, 2020 and weighs a healthy 53 pounds.   When he is done growing, he should weigh the same as his parents, between 60 and 75 pounds.  There are no AKC papers on this boy, but both parents are Poodles.  This was a “one (litter) and done” situation.

This is extremely beautiful black and white parti Poodle puppy, guaranteed to attract a lot of attention.  Ramsey is outgoing, loves everyone and everything.  He has been socialized while being exposed to people, places and things all his life.  His previously owner sadly surrender Ramsey to us as she just didn’t have the time to train him.  She also wanted to make sure he went to the “right home”.

Ramsey is also a very smart Standard Poodle AND very food motivated!  In the short time he has been with us he has learned to “come” and knows the word “NO!”.  Obedience and MORE leash training will be required or he will drag you down the street while dancing in delight!

As seen in the video below, he greatly enjoys playing with chew toys and quickly learned about playing fetch (on our drought stricken yard) with the grandchildren!  Again, this is a smart PUPPY boy who needs direction, positive enforcement and obedience.

Such a loving puppy boy that just loves our attention and wants to know: “Hey!  What’s going on?!”  While he doesn’t entirely fit into our lap (like a Toy Poodle can), he enjoys being next to you while being given hugs, love and attention.  His house-training is going very good while on a routine and kenneled.
Finally, Ramsey certainly doesn’t seem to have any fears, is a quiet boy whom we’ve rarely heard barking and will sleep quietly through the night.

At his Vet appointment, he was Vet checked healthy, strong and sturdy.  However, our Vet had found his ears were infected, so they were flushed and an Oto-pack was inserted.  His ears will be just fine!   He was also tested positive for Giardia, but has been treated and then has been retested negative.
All of his shots (including Rabies) are up to date; he has been recently neutered, wormed, heartworm tested negative, Home Again micro-chipped and registered.

Poodles do love water.  So at our groomers, Ramsey greatly enjoyed his bath and was a good boy while standing nicely as he was being shaved and scissor into a cute puppy trim.  He was also just perfect about having his nails clipped.

*A FENCED YARD WILL BE REQUIRED as this is an active puppy who loves to run!
*You must be physically able to handle a large Standard Poodle puppy.
*Ramsey REALLY enjoys other large dogs who will tolerate his silly puppy behavior.  PLEASE: NO little dogs as he will step on them, NO cats as he will chase them, NO aggressive or assertive dogs (self-explanatory) and NO young children as he will knock them over.
*Preference will be given to active families with past Standard Poodle experience who can train and continue to socialize this smart puppy boy.
*Like most all rescue groups, because we do home visits before and occasionally after the adoption, we do NOT adopt our Poodles to homes more than 500 miles (1 days drive) from our location here in central Minnesota.

Yes. This is a very rare opportunity for the right family as we all know that a good Standard Poodle puppy is hard to find.  With the introduction of Doodles, sadly the Standard Poodle breed is becoming harder to find. Why Doodle when you can Poodle?

As with all the other Standard Poodle puppies we have adopted, Ramsey’s adoption fee is 1 million, trillion, zillion dollars.

However, for the right family his adoption fee is $900.00 plus $66.38 for our 6.785% Minnesota state sales tax.  This includes all his vet work, a leash, collar, large bag of quality dog food, treats, various toys in a cute toy box, a new blanket, a new double door X-large wire crated, a new soft doggie bed, a book “Puppies for Dummies” along with lots of good information to help your puppy adoption move forward on the right paw!








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