As pictured, “WILLOW” is certainly a most beautiful blue AKC Standard Poodle.  She is a smaller size Standard that weighs 45 pounds, measures 23” from the floor to her withers (shoulders) and was born May 24, 2017.
I do have her verified pedigree which lists her quality and champion “lines”, including her sire who is an AKC GCH (Grand Champion). Nice.  I’ve not seen such an amazing pedigree for many years.

Willow comes to us from a breeder who purchased her a few years ago for breeding purposes.  But things changed and life became difficult for the owner who had to move and could not take Willow with her.  So, Willow was tearfully surrendered to us.

Let me explain that Willow had been deeply loved and well cared for.  After she arrived here, she was completely devastated and lost without her owner.  I know this is a Poodle who will not give herself, or her love, or her soul to anyone until she knows you.

It took her 3 days to come out of her grief, but once that happened, she was a gentle, loving girl who greatly enjoys following me and my husband around.  She considers herself a family member and gets along just fine with our other Standard Poodles who like chasing and playing with her.  She also claimed our smaller sofa as hers and while we are sleeping, she quietly climbs into our bed with us.

HEY!  Lets go for that walk now.

This 5-year-old Poodle will bark when someone comes to our door, or she sees a squirrel.  As with most quality Standard Poodles, Willow’s hunting instincts are excellent!  ABSOULTLY NO CATS, small dogs, rodents, or birds will be allowed.  She is afraid of young (small) children and tolerates our older grandchildren.  She likes them best when they leave to go home.

Her sense of smell, running, jumping, and retrieving are also really good.  As shown in the video, Willow will be right there to play fetch with you.  Anyone open for Agility?

Willow is very much a wonderful and SMART Standard Poodle that has been a perfect girl in our home (housetrained), will muzzle your hand so you pet her, she loves treats (rattle the bag), loves attention (call her name), and loves hugs and snuggles (get down on the floor).  Grab a leash and she LOVES going for a walk while meeting other people.
She would be fine by herself, but prefers a home with other fun loving, playful, and easy-going dogs, like our “Lola” and “Tucker” who also greatly enjoy being with her.

Yes. This is a very rare opportunity for the right family as we all know that a good, quality Standard Poodle is hard to find.
With the introduction of Doodles, sadly the Standard Poodle breed is becoming harder to find.
Why Doodle when you can Poodle?

Did you see that squirrel Tucker?

*You must be physically able to handle a Standard Poodle.
*Preference will be given to a quiet family with past Standard Poodle experience.
*PLEASE: NO little dogs, NO cats, NO young children and NO aggressive dogs.
*Like most all rescue groups, we do NOT adopt our Poodles to homes more than 1 day’s drive (round trip) from our location here in central Minnesota.

Willow has been Vet checked healthy, spayed, teeth cleaned, vaccinations and worming are up to date.  She is also Home Again microchipped and registered along with being heartworm / Lymes / Anaplasmosis / Ehrlich tested negative and placed on a preventative.

As with all the other Standard Poodles we have adopted, Willow’s adoption fee is 1 million, trillion, zillion dollars.

However, for the right family her adoption fee is $700.00 PLUS $52.00 for our 7.375% Minnesota state sales tax. This fee includes all her vet work, a leash, collars, a bag of quality dog food, a large 10-gallon dog food container, treats, dog toys in a cute toy box, a new blanket along with lots of good information to help your Poodle adoption move forward on the right paw!




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Please be patient.  More information about this black and white “Parti” male Standard Poodle will be posted soon.








Please be patient.  More information about this black male Toy Poodle will be posted soon.





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is a very pretty white and apricot “Parti” Standard Poodle who is also a soft, easy going and loving boy.  He was born September 4, 2019, weighs a healthy 60 pounds and measures 24” from the floor to his withers (shoulders).

Tucker had been deeply loved and well cared for by a senior couple in North Dakota.  Sadly, life changes found Tucker coming to live with family members here in Minnesota.
However, Tucker wasn’t doing well with their much bigger dogs and commotion, so the family felt Tucker needed our help to find his new “forever more” family.  Thank you, Carol and Todd.





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