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“BAILEY” and “BOONIE” had arrived to us from a very sad situation where the owner unexpectedly died at home. The Police found his 6 Poodles in the house with him days later. All the Poodles were immediately removed and placed into a safe location.
A family friend came forward and worked to find the younger Poodles a good and loving home while Bailey and Boonie came to us.  Thank you, Marti for all of your help in this tragic situation.

PLEASE!! If you know of anyone living alone, be sure to check on them often!


Boonie and Bailey are (understandably) a bit shy around new people as they really never had experienced people coming and going.  Both Poodles have been around men as well as women, enjoy playing with younger dogs but are not used to being with children. Mike and I have become attached to both, so we know that these Poodles will move quickly into your heart as they have with ours.

After careful consideration and watching these two Poodles being together, we feel it would be best that they are adopted together. They do enjoy each other’s company, like to cuddle together and will follow each other around.  They have been through so much that we can see a bond is there between the two.

Bailey Before

BAILEY is a female Toy Poodle who is 9 years old (05/02/2012) long in body, short in leg, 10” tall and weighs 10 pounds.

PLEASE NOTE: Since Bailey has been with us, the red on her face and legs (pictured right) is gone (pictured below)!
We’re not sure why, but suspect it’s because she is being fed quality dog food while enjoying life in a quiet home with little stress.

Bailey is also a gentle, soft and quiet little girl who at first was very shy and reserved.  But once she got to know us, she comes when she’s called, likes to be with us, is curious about what is going on and will jump into a lap to cuddle.

Bailey After

Bailey was recently spayed by our Veterinarian, Home Again micro chipped and had simple dental cleaning done.
Previous Vet records show that Baily had tested positive for Lymes eariler this year, but we were unsure if she was properly treated.

Bailey Cute

So instead of having another Lymes test done (which will always show positive results), we had a “Lyme Quantitative C6 Antibody Test” done (try saying that 3 times!).  This test showed her results at a “37” which is >30.  Thus: HER ANTIBODY LEVEL IS CONSIDERED CLINICALLY SIGNIFICANT and she is now in the process of being treated  with Doxycycline for Lymes.



BOONIE is a neutered male Toy Poodle who is 8 years old (05/16/2013), just 10” tall and weighs 9 pounds. He has AKC papers but they are not accessible due to the difficult family situation.
Boonie is a really nice little boy who has quickly learned to enjoy being with people.

This little boy is also very gentle, soft and loving.  He is the first Poodle who will jump into my lap when I sit down.  While watching TV, I’ve notice him to become very interested in dogs that appear on TV commercials.  He has also learned to beg at the kitchen table when we are eating (I think Mike slips him some food).



Boonie had a simple dental cleaning and Home Again microchipping done by our Vet.
Past Vet records show that Boonie had experienced and treated for Lymes for various years.  Like Baily, instead of having another Lymes test done (which will always show positive results), we had a “Lyme Quantitative C6 Antibody Test” done.  Boonie’s  test results were at a “21” which is <30.
Oh the joys of testing for the truth instead of treating for something that is not a problem.


Bailey and Boonie are Vet checked healthy, shots are up to date, heartworm tested negative and have been wormed. We do have ALL of their past Vet records.
After we had both treated for bladder infections, they are now housetrained and have remained perfect Poodles (no accidents) in our home and in their kennels.

*Both of these Poodles are used to a quiet, loving home with NO children.
*They are NOT leashed trained.  A securely fenced yard will be required.
*You must be physically able to handle two dogs.
*Poodle experience will be given priority.
*NO aggressive or assertive dogs.


Their $600.00 adoption fee (PLUS $44.25 MN state sales tax) helps pay for some of their recent Vet work.  It also includes 2 bags of quality dog food, tasty treats, 2 folding toy boxes with a few toys, one big doggie bed, new blankets, their kennels, winter coats, collars, leashes plus lots of good information to help your adoption move with the right paw forward!














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