– UPDATED MAY 2022-

Zoey is hoping to find a quiet, loving “forever more” family.  She was born 06/16/2016 and was one of the 6-year-old pups who was surrendered to us after the unexpected and tragic death of their owner. See their story below…

This sweet, gentle, loving, and easy-going Toy Poodle really likes being with other older and quiet Poodles (see the video) and people.

She was also her previous daddy’s “favorite Poodle” and was deeply loved by him.  When Mike (my husband) is home, Zoey is the first Poodle to jump into his lap to sit with him. See video below of her wanting his dinner!

While she is shy and very quiet at first, this little girl is VERY smart.  Zoey comes when called, is housetrained and likes telling new people all about her life.

Once she’s done giving her lengthy disorientation (or you tell her you’ve heard enough) she will jump up onto her thorn (living room couch) and will warm up to a new face so she can sit in their lap!

I’m sure as this spring sunshine warms us up, Zoey would also enjoy learning how to go for a walk with a harness and leash like many of her siblings are doing in their new homes.

Zoey is the size of her mother (Bailey) who weighs a healthy 12 pounds.  Yet Zoey had come to us weighing a thin 6 ½ pounds.  Now she weighs a healthy 8 1/2 pounds!

Because she is a picky eater, we found that she will gobble down Cesar Canine Cuisine soft dog food mixed with a hard kibble along with an occasional dab of plain yogurt.
She now enjoys the pleasure of eating while gaining weight as she continues to eat all of her dog food 2 times a day.


This little girl had been through so much while she was with her parents and her siblings. Then with us her health began to fail so a Specialist was called in to meet with Zoey. They provided an ultra, “super-scan” and more specific tests to figure out what was wrong.

The good news: her scan showed nothing was wrong! There were no problems!
However, tests showed that Zoey had been dealing with an intestine (digestive) issue (infection) that was most likely caused when she had been left alone after her previous owners’ death.

Zoey has been treated and is now healthy, eating just fine and enjoying life, especially the sunshine (when we see it!).  Thank you for all the donations we received to help pay for Zoey’s Vet expenses!

Yes, this little girl has been through so much.  She requires and deserves a loving home with:
*Any soft, gentle, older and easy-going dog companion would be so very nice.  Zoey likes all our Poodles including our cream-puff Standard Poodle, Lola (pictured).
*Families with Poodle experience will be given priority.
*You must be physically able to handle a dog.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we do home visits before and occasionally after the adoption, we do NOT adopt to homes outside a 1 day drive (500 miles) from our central Minnesota location.

Zoey’s $550.00 adoption fee includes $38.00 for our MN state sales tax and helps pay for some of her Vet work including her spay, dental, heartworm testing and worming.  It also includes a bag of a quality dog food, a “case” of Cesar Canine Cuisine, some tasty treats, a folding toy box with a few toys, a new pink doggie bed, a new blanket, her kennel, a winter coat, collar, leash plus lots of good information to help your adoption move with the right paw forward!

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.



Bailey, Boonie and Zoey

“BAILEY” and “BOONIE” HAVE BEEN ADOPTED…. They had arrived to us from a very sad situation where the owner unexpectedly died at home. The Police found his 8 Poodles in the house with him days later. All the Poodles were immediately removed and placed into a safe location.
A family friend came forward and worked to find the younger Poodles a good and loving home while Bailey and Boonie then Zoey came to us.  Thank you, Marti for all of your help in this tragic situation.

If you know of anyone living alone, be sure to check on them often.




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